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Jürgen Klopp to Real Madrid rumor is fake

Social Media is dangerous.

Christof Koepsel/Getty Images

When multiple Spanish outlets wrote that a German radio station called Radio Deutschland had reported a potential agreement between Klopp and Real Madrid, the stage was set. The initial report indicated that Klopp was going to sign a three-year deal worth €8 million, but it all started on Twitter, when a user called Madridofilo tweeted that rumor on his account.

The media, including Managing Madrid, believed the spreading reports about it and published several articles quoting said information. Those pieces were wrong and should have never been published. While Real Madrid's interest in Jürgen Klopp is real, it certainly seemed a bit premature to accept that deal considering that Dortmund still has to play the cup Final against Wolfsburg.

Klopp would not want to leak the deal ahead of that crucial match, his last coaching Dortmund, so there should not be much relevant news about Klopp and Real Madrid for a while, although again, he's Real's primary target if Ancelotti leaves.

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