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Carlo Ancelotti: "I would rather win eight games by one goal, than one game by eight goals"

Real Madrid stays alive with this amazing win against Sevilla, and Ancelotti knows the team's hopes of winning La Liga are still alive.

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The Italian coach first shared his thoughts on this tough game and how important it was to end Sevilla's positive home streak:

We suffered a lot, and played well. It was a complete game for both teams. We played against a very solid team, with fans behind them that supported them all-night long. It wasn't easy winning here, so we're happy. We will keep fighting and are very motivated, especially after beating Sevilla, because they had 34 undefeated games here.

On the importance of this win:

It is a very important win because it keeps us alive in La Liga. It will give us confidence for Tuesday's game, especially after the way we played. I'm very satisfied.

Does this win make Carlo look back at some games where the team probably could have done more?

It's pointless to look back right now. We'll do it at the end of the season. While it's true we lost points when we didn't have Modric, Benzema, James, Sergio Ramos.

On Barcelona winning by eight goals:

Barcelona is a terrific team and they have a lot of quality on their front. It's not surprising to see them scoring that many goals, but i would rather win eight games by one goal, than win one game by eight goals.

On Sevilla playing without a player for a few minutes and if this was a gift by Sevilla's coach, Unai Emery:

I don't think it was a gift. Emery used a team that played well, fought hard and was very intense. Then they had to play without a player for a while and we enjoyed it, but it wasn't a present.

Is Gareth Bale ready to start and what's the update on Karim Benzema?:

We'll see about Benzema. We'll see if he can train with the team. Bale played for a half hour so we just recovered a great player and hopefully we'll have Benzema back.

On the team's hope of winning La liga:

Hope is the last thing that dies. We have to wait until the end, do our job which is winning every remaining game and then we'll see.

Finally, on Ramos playing as a midfielder:

I think he can play there again. He's used to playing at that spot. He's so good and so experienced, that he can play anywhere on the pitch. I want to mention he does it to help the team. We have to say how important that is.

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