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Carlo Ancelotti: "If I don't stay at Real Madrid, I'll take a year off"

Was this Ancelotti's last presser as Real Madrid's coach?

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Finally, this frustrating season is over, and this might have been Carlo Ancelotti's last presser as Real Madrid's coach.

First, on whether he knows what will happen in his future and how it felt not being on the pitch:

I won't say anything more than what I have said. I'll meet next week with the team to discuss my future. I didn't like being on the stands since I would've liked to finish the season on the bench. The fans showed me love, and the team took this game very seriously. We finish the season with lots of points, but sadly it wasn't enough.

On the crowd chanting Iker Casillas' name:

The fans understood just how important Casillas is for this club. All he's done and how much he loves Real Madrid. They finally understood, which is better late than never.

On saying goodbye to his players and the possibility of taking a year off:

Naturally I spoke with the players since it was the last game. I told them I was grateful for their effort after all we went through, both the good and the bad. On my future, that's very clear for me. Either I stay here, or I take a year off.

Did the Italian coach imagine this kind of questioning about his future after he won La Décima?:

Like I said yesterday, Real Madrid is such an important club that being questioned is a normal thing. It's part of my job. Last year we won La Décima and this year is a different thing. I don't forget what we accomplished last year, but I can't forget this year either. I have to consider both since it helps you improve. We have to calm down, take a look at what went wrong this year and try to fix improve for next season.

On what made Real Madrid lose the unstoppable pace they showed until December:

We've made that analysis lots of times. We lost lots of players between January and February, like Kroos, Modric and James. in that period we lost points against Villarreal and Bilbao. It's very clear what happened.

Is it disappointing that the one in charge (Florentino Pérez) hasn't been clear about the Italian coach's future?:

No one here is on a rush. The club is taking its time to think and make the right choice. I'm in no rush either.

On the players making a good effort even though this game meant nothing:

The players displayed professionalism and took this very seriously up until the last second of the season, even with the disappointment of not being able to win any trophies this year. The effort from every player was very professional until the end.

On being told any news about his future:

This is just a personal opinion. I wish to stay. If Real Madrid tell me I won't, then that normally would upset me, but those things happen in football. It happened at Juventus, Chelsea or PSG, where I wanted out. It won't be the last time they fire me. I want to coach, so this might happen again. It's all good. I'll meet with the club next week, and that's when I think the club will decide. 

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