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Know the opponent: Five questions with Juventus site 'Black & White & Read All Over'

Daniel Penza, from Juventus' SB Nation site Black & White & Read All Over answers our questions about the Italian side.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

These two teams met last season. What has changed from Conte's Juve to Allegri's one?

The biggest thing from Antonio Conte to Max Allegri has been the tactical fluidity and how Juve can interchange between formations with ease. Conte was stubborn. He got locked into a 3-5-2 formation and it became pretty stagnant as a result. What Allegri has done is gone to his preferred 4-3-1-2 formation, but also used a 3-5-2 whenever the situation calls for it. And based on how there have been a ton of injuries in both defense and the midfield this season, that ability to adjust has been absolutely crucial to the team's continued and consistent success.

Nobody really knew what to expect when Allegri replaced Conte because of how crucial Conte had become to bringing Juve back to being the top team in Italy. But Allegri has proven a lot of people — including this guy right here — wrong with how he has enabled Juventus to take a big step forward, not one back like so many feared.

Will Juventus sit back and wait for opportunities on the counter through players like Morata? Or will they try to control the game?

My gut tells me Juve will play it like they have been in Europe lately — absorb pressure and then look to counter fast. That's how they got to Borussia Dortmund and it's not like it hasn't worked for them this season in the bigger picture. If they are to try and control the game, then it makes sense since they're going to be playing at home and really try to press Real Madrid. But like I said, Juventus playing a counter-attacking kind of game has been really effective in Europe for them, so why wouldn't Allegri go back to it again, you know?

What were your thoughts on the draw? Was Real Madrid the opponent you wanted to face? If so, why?

To be honest, I loved it. I loved it when Juventus played Real Madrid last season, and I love that it's a rematch this season. There's a lot of folks who will be counting out Juventus this round, and that's fine. I'm perfectly okay with Juventus being in the underdog role. This team has come quite a long way since the last time they were in Spain to play Atléti earlier this season.

Real Madrid will be a great challenge just like any of the other three semifinalists would have been. Plus it's let us have a little nostalgia, too, and what person who roots for either one of these two storied clubs doesn't like looking back at the past?

Is Morata playing as well as the Spanish press is pointing out? If you were Real Madrid, would you buy him for the reported €30M buyback clause?

Morata has cooled off in the last month from a goal-scoring standpoint, but as a whole his season has been quite good. He's really formed a nice partnership with Carlos Tévez, and a lot like the overall fluidity of the tactics from Allegri, there's a lot more movement and flow in Juve's play when Morata is in the game compared to Fernando Llorenre, a much more traditional target man.

Morata has been good, there's no doubt. Who knows if it's €30 million kind of good, but I think the kid has loads of potential. And he's shown a good portion of it this season.

Will Pogba make it to any of the legs?

If Pogba makes it, then it will almost certainly come in the second leg. Juventus say he may start training with the main group as early as Wednesday, which might — emphasis on might — mean he'll play some kind of role in the second leg next week. I'm not going to put any money on it simply because I have no idea what kind of match fitness he'll have if he does start training the day after the first leg. Maybe it's as an option to Allegri off the bench in Madrid, I don't know...

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