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Five keys to a Real Madrid win against Juventus

Some ideas for Los Blancos to make a difference in the Juventus Stadium tonight.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

  1. Defend Juventus' set pieces accurately. With a free-kick master like Andrea Pirlo and strong aerial players like Chiellini, Bonucci and Fernando Llorente, who will reportedly take Morata's spot, the presence of Ramos, Pepe and Varane in Ancelotti's lineup seems essential to help Iker Casillas in the defence of Real Madrid's goal.

  2. Unleash the potential of Cristiano Ronaldo and, perhaps more importantly, Gareth Bale. Juventus centerbacks are extremely experienced, but they are not particularly strong when they are taken out of the box. If Real Madrid midfielders are able to create enough space for Ronaldo and Bale to run behind the back of Pirlo with the ball at their feet, their chances to create a clear goal occasion will be maximal.

  3. Set an intense pressure on Andrea Pirlo. We have suffered this type of tactic in the past, when Xabi Alonso was the man pulling the strings in Real Madrid's midfield, and Andrea Pirlo is even more important in the creation of Juventus gameplay than Alonso was for us, and slower than our former #14. Ronaldo and Bale will need to increase their workrate to nullify Pirlo's presence and let Bonucci and Chiellini take responsibilities with the ball, which will drastically reduce the fluency of their possessions.

  4. Stay focused on the defence of the left wing. As Marca reports today, Juventus coaching staff consider that Real Madrid's weakest spot is the left wing. Marcelo's recent poor performances and Ronaldo's low defensive workrate can be exploited by Arturo Vidal, who will be assisted by the incorporations of Carlos Tévez and Stephan Lichsteiner. Although this fact has not been confirmed yet, Ancelotti might choose Fabio Coentrao for tonight's game, and in any case Isco Alarcón will have to show how much his defensive abilities have been improved this season.

  5. Prioritize the defence in case things don't look good. Juventus will for sure try to get a good result tonight in order to defend it next week in the Santiago Bernabéu, where Real Madrid's offensive superiority should make a difference. Los Blancos will undoubtedly try to get a victory out of Turin tonight, but a draw would not be that bad, especially considering how good it was against Atlético de Madrid in the quarterfinals.

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