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Juventus vs Real Madrid, Champions League: Player Ratings

Can Ramos keep playing in the midfield?

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Iker Casillas: 5. His only save came off a long-distance shot, so he did not have much work to do. However, Real Madrid keep conceding at a worrying rate. Furthermore, Casillas turned the ball over when the match was still 0-0 in a play that could have led to a Juventus goal.

Dani Carvajal: 4. Terrible mistake by making that penalty on Tévez on the 57th minute. Carvajal did set James up on Real's first goal, but his mistake could cost the team a ticket to the Champions League Final. He did well by preventing Tévez from getting in a comfortable spot, but his challenge was very poor and difficult to explain. He was also caught out of position way too often. Carvajal isn't shining this season.

Varane: 5. The French defender was decent but didn't domnate the way he did against Atlético de Madrid in the Quarterfinals. It's very hard to defend Tévez, but Varane should be ready for that challenge and tonight he did not shine. Late in the game, he made a big mistake that could have cost Real a 3-1 deficit.

Pepe: 6. Has Pepe lost his pace? Morata is obviously a fast striker, but he kept Pepe in his pocket all game long. Pepe's speed hasn't been the same since he recovered from that injury this year, and maybe it is all due to conditioning, but it's an important factor to keep in mind considering how up on the pitch Real Madrid usually press. However, it could also be said that while he struggled, not even one of his mistakes cost Real a very dangerous chance against.

Marcelo: 4. About as poor as Carvajal. Marcelo turned the ball over on the play that led to Juventus' second goal and was out of position on the opening one. The Brazilian left back has made some big mistakes recently and that trend could keep going, it seems.

Kroos: 5. The German midfielder had one of those games in which he isn't engaged defensively. Juventus were able to get Tévez involved throughout the whole match mainly due to Kroos' lack of defensive work. His positioning was improving a lot lately, but tonight he kept showing that he's not a defensive midfielder just yet.

Ramos: 4. Ramos completed a very frustrating performance in the midfield, turning the ball over constantly. However, this is not his natural position and Ancelotti should share the blame for Ramos' poor performance. This experiment worked against Sevilla and Atlético, but Juventus' intense pressing bothered Ramos a lot.

Isco: 7. Isco played really well but Ancelotti surprisingly decided to take him out of the game when Chicharito came on. The Spanish midfielder was the main reason behind Real Madrid's improvement during the first half by constantly demanding the ball and controlling the tempo of the game. That is why Ancelotti's decision was questionable to say the least.

James: 7. Brilliant assist on Ronaldo's goal and hit the crossbar when the game was even. A player of his quality and status should have scored that one.

Bale: 5. Very poor performance by the Welsh player, who was invisible during the whole match. He played very well against Sevilla and many fans wanted to confirm this improvement against Juventus. It did not happen.

Ronaldo: 6. He scored a tremendously valuable away goal for Los Blancos but overall his game wasn't that great. Ronaldo fought very hard against Juventus' defenders but couldn't become a threat.

Chicharito: 5. Came on for Isco but wasn't able to keep his good form going. Allegri made a good call by deploying a 3-5-2 right when Chicharito stepped on the pitch.

Jesé: -. Not given enough time.

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