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Positives to build on from Real Madrid's 2-1 loss against Juventus

Real Madrid played one of their poorest games of the season on the defensive side of the ball in Turin on Tuesday. There is plenty of blame to go around, but there were also a few positives that came out of Tuesday's clash.

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1. It could have been much worse- Real in a lot of ways was fortunate to come away only down a goal. They were thoroughly outplayed through the entire match. Juventus didn't create a ton of chances, but took advantage when they had opportunities. In the final minutes of the match, it looked as though Juve would snatch a third after Varane made a terrible mistake playing the ball, so a 2-1 score line heading back to the Bernabéu isn't all that bad.

2. Carvajal should have been sent off- similar to the first point, Carvajal should have been sent off when he committed the penalty in the box. I have no idea how Martin Atkinson allowed Dani to continue, but he did. If a red had been given, I think most Madridistas at that point would have taken a 2-1 final score.

3. Kroos /Isco/James played well- Most fans probably expect more of the trio, but all three midfielders played fairly well today. Kroos made some great defensive plays in key spots. Isco was able find some space and set up James for what should have been a second away goal. In all, these three hopefully showed Ancelotti enough to be the starting midfielders when Benzema returns. Why is this a positive? Because it means no more Ramos out of position.

4. Real secured the vital away goal- Obvious as to why this is important. Now a 1-0 win enables Real to move on.

Lets hope Los Blancos give us much more to be happy and positive following the return leg.

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