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Carlo Ancelotti: "If we play like this against Juventus, we will have good chances"

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

After a disappointing draw against Valencia that pretty much ruled out Real Madrid's options to win La Liga, Carlo Ancelotti tried to be positive about next Wednesday's game against Juventus in the Champions League:

This was not a good result, but we fought until the very end and had a lot of chances to win. We shot to the post three times and missed a penalty kick. We attacked in virtually every way we could, and we created a lot of danger. If we play like this against Juventus, we will have good chances to make it into the final.

We are disappointed about tonight's game, but we will try to win the next two games in La Liga, although becoming champions will be very complicated.

Toni Kroos does not have any muscular problem, he just has a knock in his hip. We are positive about his condition and also about Karim's, who may be ready to play on Wednesday. Varane did not play today because he had a fever, but he will train with the group tomorrow.

Dani Carvajal expressed his disappointment about losing La Liga:

It is unfair to have to say good-bye to La Liga tonight. We've been the superior side but a couple of mistakes costed us the game. We are happy about the crowd's support and we trust that the Bernabéu will be splendid on Wednesday.

Isco Alarcón was asked about his words after the second leg against Atlético de Madrid, and he clarified the situation:

I am happy this season, because I am playing more than I had expected. My words were misunderstood, as it is normal for every player to be unhappy when he is not playing: I will end my career the day that I am happy with sitting on the bench. However, Real Madrid's T-shirt is more important than any player. I will always try to help, either as a starter or coming off the bench.

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