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Benítez: "This is a great challenge for me"

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

After Florentino Pérez's welcome speech to make the signing of Rafa Benítez as Real Madrid's new coach official, a press conference was held at the Santiago Bernabéu. Here are some of the most relevant quotes from Benítez's intervention:

What I have learned in Real Madrid is that the team in the second place is just the first among the losers. We will try to win all competitions.

When asked about the negotiations with Real Madrid:

When I gave the press conference with De Laurentis to announce I would leave Napoli, I had not still talked to Real Madrid. Later on, my agent received an offer from Real Madrid, but I only entered the negotiations after the Serie A finished.

About his early memories as a madridista:

Everything is different now, the institution has grown a lot since I left. This is a great challenge for me.

When asked about Iker Casillas and the goalkeeper situation:

I will not focus in names today. We will try to get the best out of an excellent roster.

About the possible weak spots of the roster:

This is a great roster. It is not about playing this way or that way. Real Madrid has the responsibility to play well and, above all, to win. When you are in a team like this, you have to attack, to play well and, obviously, to win.

When asked about the necessity of a sport manager:

I have come here as a coach. I will do my best with the roster I am given. Obviously, a coach always has an opinion about the players that can be bought or sold, but this team's structure is so powerful that I have no doubt that things will work perfectly.

About the players' support to Ancelotti:

I think it is good that the players have expressed their support to their previous coach, who is a great person and an excellent professional. I hope that they will do the same with me if I ever leave the team.

About the style he will pursue and rotations, after he was asked about the role of Cristiano Ronaldo in his team:

The best thing about having such a strong roster as Real Madrid has is that you don't have to worry a lot about particular names, because all players are fantastic. My role in configuring lineups will be to choose the players that are in the best condition to face every game.

When asked about Casillas once again:

I should not even answer this. All Real Madrid players are extraordinary.

About his relationship with Real Madrid's cantera:

I have a main responsibility which is the first team, but I will try to take a look at the youngsters as well.

When asked about his rotation policy:

As far as I know, all Real Madrid players are great professionals and have the right level to play for Real Madrid on a regular basis. We will choose the best players for every game depending on their condition.

About his staff:

Fabio Pecchia and Antonio Gómez will be coaches who will help me on a daily basis, great professionals. Xavi Valero will be our goalkeeper coach and Paco de Miguel our physical trainer, whom I have worked with for a long time and are great as well. Real Madrid have never questioned my staff since the negotiations started.

When asked about his capabilities to become Real Madrid coach:

Experience is not what happens to you, but what you do with the things that happen to you. Every season, we have tried to learn from our mistakes to improve. We know Spanish football very well, but we know that it is a great challenge as well. We will try to do our best.

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