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2015 Champions League Final Open Thread

The one in which we all cheer for Juve.

Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Well, the day that so many Real Madrid fans have been dreading is here, the day in which either rivals Barcelona will complete their treble or underdogs Juventus will nab a treble of their own (which is a far easier scenario to tolerate). It's an unpleasant thought but the two sides in the final have earned their success so here we are.

This is your place to discuss the final, the players, or what you'll be doing to numb the pain if Barca goes on to win it all. Once the match ends, you can use this as a place to discuss whatever it is that you want as long as you keep it respectful.

Reminder: keep it clean and civil. It doesn't matter if you dislike one or both of the clubs involved, if you cross the line in the comments section you will be banned. If you make your way to either of the Barcelona or Juventus blogs to cause trouble you will be banned from not only their blog but ours as well. There will be no exceptions. If you are a visiting Barca or Juve fan, welcome and please behave yourself in either victory or defeat.

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