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Rafa Benítez wants to sign Spanish striker away from Juventus

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Welcome back to 2010.

Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images

La Sexta are usually quite accurate with their transfer news about Real Madrid, and this night they reported that Real Madrid coach Rafa Benítez wants to sign Fernando Llorente as a backup striker for the team.

Llorente's cache is most definitely not as a great as it was once, but he could probably be a decent role player in this squad providing a different style to the offensive line. That's exactly what many fans expected from Chicharito but the Mexican did not get enough minutes throughout the campaign.

Could Real Madrid be after this player? Benítez might be interested, but Florentino Pérez would surely want to sign a bigger name for this team. However, if Real's President decides to listen to Benítez, Llorente could be a decent addition to this roster, and one that would add some depth to the attacking line as well even if Lucas Vázquez and Cheryshev return to Real Madrid's first team.