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Florentino Pérez slammed by Iker Casillas' parents in shocking interview

Casillas' parents wanted to say some things right after their son confirmed his move to FC Porto.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

"The big campaign against our son was started by Florentino back in 2010." That's how El Mundo's interview with Iker Casillas' parents is titled. The Spanish goalkeeper sealed his move to FC Porto yesterday night, leaving the club after 25 years, and it seems that Casillas' parents were anxious to see their son away from Real Madrid even more than Casillas himself.

"FC Porto is like a Segunda División B team and our son deserves a better club like FC Barcelona", said Casillas' mother. "Don't say that about Porto, I respect them. It's true that he deserved a club like United or PSG, but it's not right to say that about Porto," corrects Casillas Sr, knowing that it wouldn't be smart to speak that way about Casillas' newest club.

"Lorenzo Sanz and Calderón treated Iker fairly, but Florentino Pérez did not. This President never wanted him just because he's short. He was obsessed about signing Buffon. Iker handled the situation as good as he could, other players were protected way better. Everybody's been unfair to him during these last five years and it affected him mentally."

"We are not planning to go to his testimonial because we don't want to participate in that fake show arranged by Florentino to show that he treated our son fairly when it is not like that. We will only go if our son wants us to go. I'm jealous to see the way Pirlo left Juventus and I don't understand why they haven't done the same thing with my son."

Casillas' parents revealed that they sued the club -- it's important to state that Casillas himself did not do it and actually asked his parents to stop -- because of some issues around Casillas' last extension. Actually, Iker Casillas and his parents do not have a good relationship right now, according to the keeper's parents. "I don't talk with my son anymore", said his father, "but I want the best for him and I don't want to see him broke like it's happening to some football legends".

What do they think about Diego López and David De Gea? The first of those two started ahead of him for a while, and De Gea could be his long-term replacement.

"Diego López is not a better goalkeeper than my son. And you know that Mendes is De Gea's agent, he rules Real Madrid, so there you have it."

If Casillas wanted to establish himself as a club legend, he will not be happy to read how his parents have spoken.

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