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Real Madrid tops league transparency index

Number one in yet another ranking system.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

According to the Spanish Transparency Index released by Transparency International, Real Madrid, along with Eibar of all clubs, is the most transparent club in the most recent rankings.

Per the organization's website, Transparency International "is an international, nongovernmental, non-partisan and non-profit organization dedicated to combating corruption at the national and international level. Since its founding in 1993, TI has been widely recognized for placing the fight against corruption on the global agenda. The challenge of keeping the fight against corruption as a top priority is one of the main messages of our movement."

From what can be discerned of the description, the evaluation comes down to five main principles: general information about the club's operations, the club's relationship with its socios as well as the general public, economic transparency, transparency in contract dealings and transparency when it comes to following the law.

While this club has come under fire recently for some of its personnel moves, at least it hasn't violated any of these five principles, or at least not to our knowledge. Though it's hard to believe that this club, or any, is run with a 100 percent clean record, it's still better than lying to its fans or engaging in shady financial transactions which then become revealed at a later date. Speaking of which, rivals Barcelona finished eighth while Atletico Madrid languishes in 30th, both perhaps due to their financial dealings such as the rumored transfer fee of Neymar or Atletico's generally abysmal financial track record.

To learn more about transparency in Spanish football, click here. To see the full list of clubs and where they rank, click here.

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