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Benítez: "I respect Manchester United's Van Gaal but Ramos is staying"

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Real Madrid's coach says that the Spanish defender will stay with Real Madrid.

Michael Dodge/Getty Images

Rafa Benítez remains confident about keeping his captain even after Van Gaal confirmed Manchester United's interest in the player. As always, he also refused to speak about David De Gea when asked about a potential swap with United.

"De Gea isn't our player and Ramos is our captain and a very important player for us. I hope he'll be here at the start of the season. I want him to stay and he's a fundamental part of the squad. For myself and for the club, it's clear that the player will stay with Real Madrid 100%. I have respect for Van Gaal and what concerns me is that Ramos stays here," said Benítez.

Apparently, Manchester City are also interested in Sergio Ramos, but it would be strange to see Real Madrid selling the player after the whole controversy with Iker Casillas' departure, as it could hurt Florentino Pérez's image even more. Real Madrid might need to wait one more year to sign De Gea.