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3 takeaways from Real Madrid's 3-0 win against Inter Milan

Featuring James, Casemiro and Jesé.

Zhong Zhi/Getty Images

Real Madrid beat Inter Milan 3-0 thanks to a decent display by Benítez's men. Luka Modric and Karim Benzema were not available, so Jesé and Casemiro had a chance to shine and prove they are ready to start whenever these two players are out. Neither one of them disappointed.

3 takeaways

  1. Jesé is back. Not only he scored a brilliant goal, Jesé also proved that he has recovered from his knee injury and, more importantly, that he has regained the confidence he lacked throughout the past season. It'd be fair to say that Jesé should have been given more minutes during the last campaign to get in shape, and he is using this pre-season very well. He looks sharp, and he can be Real's most important signing if he manages to recover his good form permanently.
  2. Casemiro is for real. Yes, this is pre-season and it'd be premature to draw conclusions from these matches, but Casemiro has improved a lot since he joined FC Porto on loan. It might be a little bit risky, but Real Madrid do not need to make any more signings in the midfield with him on the roster. He will be ready to play whenever Real Madrid need a defensive presence -- or when Modric or Kroos are out, for that matter --.
  3. James needs to take more free-kicks. Let Bale and Ronaldo take the ones from long distance, because James has the curve and accuracy needed to be Real's best taker when the ball is close to the opposition's box.

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