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Mourinho SLAMS Benítez and his wife

The Portuguese hit back after Benítez's wife said her husband "likes to tidy up Mourinho's messes."

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Mourinho will never change. The Portuguese coach was asked about the words of Benítez's wife when she said that his husband "likes to tidy up Mourinho's messes", meaning that Benítez has coached Chelsea, Inter and Madrid after the Portuguese.

"First of all, she's confused. Her husband replaced Di Matteo here and Ancelotti in Real Madrid. When he replaced me in Inter, it only took six months for him to destroy everything I built. She should be worrying about her husband's diet", said Mourinho.

This is obviously classless. It's true that Benítez's wife shouldn't have commented about Mourinho in the first place, as she obviously didn't know how how important those words would be for the press. The part when Mourinho talks about what Benítez did with Inter is probably legit and a somewhat rightful defense of Mourinho's own job, but the Portuguese doesn't have a single thing to say about Benítez's weight.

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