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Casillas' agent confirms Porto's interest

Carlo Cutropía says that Casillas wants to play for FC Porto.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Could this be over? Iker Casillas' agent Carlo Cutropía confirmed that FC Porto and the goalkeeper have interest in each other, so it seems that the only thing left to see Iker Casillas leaving the Spanish capital is his settlement for the two years he had left on his contract.

"FC Porto want Casillas and Casillas wants FC Porto, Casillas is excited about their offer", said Casillas' agent.

Now, according to several reports, FC Porto want to have Casillas for free. Not only won't they pay a single € as a transfer fee, they also want Real Madrid to pay Casillas' salary. Real will not accept this offer by any means but they are expected to complete Casillas' salary to match his current contract with Real Madrid. For example, if FC Porto offer Casillas €2 million/year, Real Madrid would pay the remaining €8 million/year the next two seasons to see Casillas gone.

That's not cheap at all, and some other players would not even ask for that, but Real Madrid and Iker Casillas might have found an answer to their recent problems.

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