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Gareth Bale on Manchester United's shortlist for €122 million?

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Van Gaal asked the board to go after Bale once again.

Zhong Zhi/Getty Images

Gareth Bale is not going anywhere, that seems fairly clear. Still, The Sunday Express reported this morning that Manchester United are willing to offer €122 million for his talents as United manager Louis Van Gaal asked the board to spend big money on him.

Bale will surely be given another chance to prove his value with Real Madrid no matter United's interest. The player wants to stay and Rafa Benítez has given him the freedom he needs to flourish and become the attacking threat everyone wants him to be.

The Welsh player has showed some flashes of his quality and his numbers with Real Madrid are fairly decent, but he has big room for improvement and Real will need him if they want to win trophies next season. He has finished Madrid's pre-season stage scoreless, but his overall contribution to the team's system has improved since Benítez took over as Real's coach.