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Real Madrid vs Real Betis, La Liga 15/16: Player ratings

A magnificent game by James Rodríguez, where Keylor Navas and Gareth Bale shone as well.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

  • Keylor Navas: 10. At the beginning it seemed as it would be an easy game for Keylor, as he didn't have to save any ball before the fortieth minute, but then he managed to cut a very clear occasion for Betis, in an action that shows he is a world class goalkeeper. Besides, he managed to save a penalty kick in the second half.
  • Danilo: 8. This was a good game by Danilo, showing not only that he is an extraordinary useful player in offensive actions but also a very solid fullback. He had an important role in building Real Madrid's third goal.
  • Varane: 7. Solid performance by Rafa, controlling all of Real Madrid's aerial space in defence against a beast like N'Diaye and being a clear reference when Los Blancos tried to build possessions from their own box. And the referee was wrong to call a penalty kick on him in the second half.
  • Ramos: 6. His game was almost as solid as that of Rafa's, and he showed an extraordinary level with the ball most of the times, but he made a couple of silly mistakes in the first half that could have resulted in serious problems for Los Blancos (including Modric's injury that ended up being nothing).
  • Marcelo: 6. The Brazilian was once again a sharp offensive weapon for Real Madrid, but his defensive display was not as good as we should expect from him.
  • Kroos: 6. Once again, a solid performance by Kroos, keeping his position, building possessions and helping with the pressure in certain occasions, but his passing was not as profound as his partners needed at certain phases of the game.
  • Modric: 8. It may not have looked a brilliant game by Luka but, just like he is used to do, he completed a full game without making any incorrect decision, and this is an extraordinary feature in a man that must catalyze the game of one of the most powerful teams in the world.
  • James: 10. A brilliant assist in the first minute and two extraordinary goals that would be serious contenders for the FIFA Puskas Award for the goal of the season are not the only things that James did right tonight. This kid may win a Ballon D'Or one day for performances like the one he left today.
  • Bale: 9. Gareth managed to score a goal with a good header in the first minute, triggering all the offensive display that would come later and cutting off with all the negativity regarding the inability of Los Blancos to score, and was omnipresent in Real Madrid's attack in the whole game, leaving a bunch of good actions, an assist and a new goal. Bale showed today why Benítez trusts him to be his #10.
  • Benzema: 8. He scored a goal, but that is not the most important thing about Benzema's game tonight. It may have been a coincidence, but Karim's return made Real Madrid show once again the offensive fluency we were used to seeing. Benítez wants his offensive players to exchange positions, and a player with the wisdom of Karim is needed for that approach to work.
  • Ronaldo: 5. Cristiano may have been Real Madrid's weakest player tonight. He did his job and tried to score in many different ways, but he was not accurate enough, which made him look a little obsessed and make bad decisions. Fortunately for us, we know for sure that his bad streak in front of the goal is just a statistical outlier.
Isco, Casemiro and Kovacic had a good performance, but they entered the field when Real Madrid was already leading by 4-0 and so it would not be fair to rate them according to the same scale as the one used for their partners.

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