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OFFICIAL: Madrid explain De Gea's unsuccessful transfer from Manchester United

The club believes that neither La Liga nor the Premier League will accept the appeal.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Real Madrid have failed. Los Blancos tried to sign David De Gea at the deadline but the Spanish LFP received the documents too late and couldn't register the player. Some reports suggested that Madrid were going to appeal to FIFA with proof that they had the paperwork done before the deadline, but the club decided not to appeal.

You can read Real Madrid's statement in Spanish here. It says that Real Madrid did everything possible to sign De Gea, but the club received United's documents at 00:02 CET. Real Madrid then tried to complete the transfer knowing that it would not be possible to register the player. Basically it says that it took United too long.

This has left Keylor Navas, David De Gea, Real Madrid and Manchester United in a very difficult position. What will happen now? Navas will most likely be Real's starting goalkeeper even though it was obvious that Los Blancos tried to replace him with De Gea, while the Spanish will defend United's goal after proving that he wants out of the club. Will Madrid sign De Gea this winter or will they wait one more year to sign him as a free agent? That's assuming that De Gea still wants to join Madrid...

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