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Real Madrid Plead Innocence

Real Madrid will fight transfer ban by any means neccessary

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Real Madrid CEO Jose Angel Sanchez headed a press conference today, stating that Real Madrid are innocent, have not fielded underage foreign players without registering them with the Spanish FA, and are completely confident in overturning an unjust ban.

The crew at Managing Madrid will discuss this whole situation at length on Monday morning's podcast, so be sure to tune in for that.

Quotes from the presser below:

"It's completely untrue that we fielded players aged under 18 without registering them with the RFEF and that we failed to comply with the regulatory requirements. This club has a set of ethical values and the people in charge in this area [youth recruitment] have never deviated from them. The arguments made are erroneous", "FIFA punished us for things that are not true, like signing players under the age of 18. This is false."

"We have always stuck to the rules of the FIFA."

"This club, Real Madrid, has his values and we would never want to touch those values. The charges are false."

"The FIFA is making a big mistake, the stories about Zidane's son and Garay's brother are also FALSE. It's all nonsense."

"We received the news from the FIFA this morning. It was completely unexpected and we were really surprised."

"We hope that we not have to step to the TAS again, but if that's what has to happen to remove the ban, then we will."

"I think we can just sign any player we want next summer, cause we are convinced that the appeal will remove the ban."

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