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CONFIRMED lineups: Valencia vs Real Madrid, La Liga 2015-16

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The lineups are out.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

This is a very good chance for Real Madrid to keep the race for the Liga BBVA title alive after Barcelona could only get a 0-0 draw against Espanyol yesterday. Benítez knows it and he has surely tried to keep his players motivated and focused on this challenge against Valencia.

Valencia Starting XI:

Real Madrid Starting XI:

Real Madrid lacked intensity last time Barcelona dropped points and ended up losing 1-0 to Villarreal. They will need to improve that aspect of their game as Valencia have not lost a home match for more than a year. Gary Neville's side is not playing very well lately but their intensity and firepower off set pieces could be dangerous for Madrid. Either way, this is a crucial match for Real Madrid and one that could seal Benítez's fate if Los Blancos can't get all three points available.