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Zidane's first press conference: All the quotes

Zidane spoke in press conference for the first time since he was given the reins of the first team.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

"My first words were very important for the players because we trained in front of our fans. I told them that I am very happy to be at their side and that this is a new adventure for us. We have goals to meet and we will give our very best to reach those goals. We will try to play attacking football, but balanced, and nothing more. We will work to do as well as possible. The message is this." These were Zidane's first words to the press in today's press conference.

When asked about James and Isco, Zidane was clear: "All the players will be important. James and Isco are phenomenal players and therefore they will be important as well," he said.

"There is no need to draw comparisons between Guardiola and me. I never compared myself to another player when I was active and I will not do that now that I am coaching," said Zidane when asked about the similarities between Guardiola's start of his coaching career and Zidane's.

"They have experience and our relationship will probably be different from the one I had with the Castilla players but the message will be the same: We need to play with intensity and focus at all times. You must have a good relationship with every player in order to do well, for sure," explained Zidane about his man management.

"I worked with Mourinho, with Ancelotti and I also visited Guardiola. I learned a lot from all of them and I must implement my own style now. You cannot try to replicate what other coaches are doing." This was a very interesting quote about his coaching style. "We will try to have the ball and attack fast, this is how I understand football. The important thing for this club is to play football and keep the possession of the ball, my style of football will be different, positive, and with balance. What I want to bring you will see in the coming weeks" he added.

Bale was reportedly frustrated with Benítez's departure. The Welsh player was playing very well lately, but Zidane will "give Bale all the support so that he can keep playing well," said the French manager. "I will play with the BBC, this is definitely my idea," unveiled Zidane.

"To win everything, that is the objective for us. We have two trophies to play for and we will try to win them both at end of season," said the coach when asked about the team's goals. "Team is well placed in the table. We know there are important game still to play. We must improve if we want to win, of course," he added.

"I'm a bit emotional, like yesterday, that will pass. I am convinced of day to day work I will do with my players. I'm not someone who talks a lot with press. But that's not important. Day to day with players will be fundamental and the message will only be one: to win."

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