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Cristiano Ronaldo Stars In A ‘Home Alone’ Advertisement

Ronaldo promotes Soundbar’s speakers as ‘Kevin’ from Home Alone.

Always looking to act in a variety of (and sometimes strange) commercials for a bevy of sponsors, Cristiano Ronaldo recently promoted Soundbar’s speakers in a slick Christmas-themed Home Alone Special. Ronaldo obviously played the main character of the movie Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin), while his mom (Dona Dolores) also made an appearance as the hassled mother (Kate McCallister - Catherine O'Hara) trying to organize a dozen kids for a flight.

Unsurprisingly, Cristiano was left behind, and he delighted in his newfound independence by singing Merry Christmas while brushing his teeth.

He also made sure to act out some iconic Home Alone moments; namely Kevin’s scream after slapping on some aftershave...

and the eight year old’s prank on the Pizza-delivery man.

Ronaldo then finished things off by unwrapping a present, which obviously contained Soundbar speakers, at the exact same time his mother and his family walked into the room to find him.

A true Christmas miracle!

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