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Immediate Reaction: Legia Warsaw 3 - 3 Real Madrid

Legia Warsaw almost pull off an upset.

Real Madrid CF v Legia Warszawa - UEFA Champions League Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

I’m not sure where to even start. Anyways I took some notes, here they are.

Chances, chances and more chances

Real Madrid should’ve had this match done and dusted before the end of the first half. Sadly that was not to be the case. There were times tonight where Real Madrid just couldn’t finish and it showed. But the shooting boots showed up when it’s needed and thanks to Mateo Kovacic he earned us a point on the road scoring his first goal of the season across all competitions.

My kingdom for a clean sheet

What does it take for the defense to pay attention for a full 90 minutes? Seriously. Once again because of what I can only assume was a mental error, they allowed Legia to be in a dangerous position to score that first goal. And that would be the theme of the night. Mental errors and a goalkeeping error led to this result. This is a dangerous trend and needs to be addressed.

O Captain My Captain

On the brighter side of things, Real Madrid now have 5 wins, 3 ties and 0 losses when Cristiano Ronaldo wears the captain’s arm band.

A point on the road?

The way this ended, we were lucky to get that point. This puts us a solid second in the group which means we’ve stamped our ticket to the Round Of 16. This game should’ve been won though, no excuses. This is a dynamic team, just look at the lineup that Zidane rolled out today. Attack, attack, attack. Lack of imagination in the final third is something that shouldn’t be happening. Yet, there it is.

Toni Kroos needs a day off

We need him as healthy as possible, with injuries decimating our midfield - but there are enough available to give him a night off.. He was certainly off his game tonight. He had some missed passes, which were un-Kroos like. I hope that he’ll get a well earned day off this weekend against a lacklustre Leganes squad.

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