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The Case for Contentment at Real Madrid

Or as Ronaldo says, “Calma, Calma!”

FC Barcelona v Real Madrid CF - La Liga Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

What does it mean to be content?

Most would agree that contentment comes from being "happy" with, or at least satisfied with one's current situation. Put another way, one doesn't complain or constantly look to improve on one's lot in life.

Contentment is something that, for some inexplicable reason, is decidedly contrary to the typical Real Madrid fan's way of thinking.

It's amazing to me how discontent so many Real Madrid fans are. While pursuit of excellence and the constant drive to be number one is part of the fabric of this club, its fans are almost utterly intolerant.

There abound myriad quotes regarding contentment that could easily be used to impose a cheeky convention on the introduction to this article, but perhaps my favorite is from Oscar Wilde -

Or as Dr. Seuss so eloquently puts it, "Just tell yourself Duckie, you're really quite lucky."

I don't think we realize just how fortunate we are to support the club we do. We have one of the wealthiest, most financially secure, most illustrious, historic, star-studded, and successful teams on the planet. Period.

I'd like to offer an alternative perspective, which, if ultimately successful, might restore some unbridled joy in watching this club, or, at the very least, ameliorate the degree of disgruntled commenting on this blog - we’ll see.

So here comes my attempt to throw so much positivity your way, that you can't help but feel content, even thrilled with Real Madrid.

Current standings

Of all the teams that play in La Liga, or in Europe at large, our team is arguably in the highest standing of any of them over the last year.

  • Real Madrid are leading La Liga. 10 games in we are the only undefeated team. We are two and three points ahead of Barca and Atletico. The season is long, but we are off to a great start.
  • We are defending UEFA Champions League Champions (2 in the last 3 years mind you) and are currently second place in Group F. There is still a chance to win the group, but it could easily be argued that finishing second in the group wouldn't be the worst thing either.
  • This year, unlike last year's Cheryshev fiasco, we are actually playing in the Copa del Rey and started things off with a 7-1 thumping of Leonesa.

Current run of form

  • Real Madrid are on a run of 27 matches unbeaten. Sure we've had a few more draws than we'd like, some in games we should have won (*cough, Legia, cough*), but we haven't lost a match since, well, some time last year - so long ago that I couldn't even find it.
  • We have played very well considering how many key injuries we've had since the start of the season. And by playing well I mean that the squad is doing remarkably well given that we've had to rotate so much and have been without key starters for extended periods. At the start of the season Ronaldo, Navas, Benzema were all out. Then down went Marcelo. Casemiro, Modric, Ramos, and Pepe are still out - that' s a whole slew of starters missing for the first part of the season. Yet we're still undefeated.
  • Our incredibly deep squad has stepped up not just with solid performances, but with big results. None more evidenced that by our current leading goal scorer in Morata who has come off the bench and made massive impacts on the games he's entered.
  • Then we have our boy Asensio. Seriously, who scores in every single debut?
  • Vazquez, Nacho, Isco and James with solid performances, and now even solid, all-around player Coentrao (please God stay healthy) is stepping up well.

Contract renewals/Squad Cohesion

Let's wrap things up by talking about not just how well we're doing today, but what we have to look forward to for many more years.

  • Real Madrid have pushed hard and fast to secure this talented squad, and I don't believe that it's a forced maneuver as a result of the impending transfer ban. Bale, Kovacic, Vazquez, Modric, Kroos, with Pepe and Ronaldo in line next, all with new contracts.
  • In addition to the renewals, the already secured young depth the team has means that RM is locking up this core squad for quite a few years.
  • If the squad has managed to play this cohesively, with this many injuries and rotations, it's going to be pretty awesome to see what happens as they get more time together.


We chose this club, each of us with our own reason, to support and love.

This isn't some third-division neighborhood club. This isn't some bottom of the table, negative goal-scoring differential, lucky-to-score-at-all team. This isn't a club that you can't even watch on TV. This isn't a big club rife with corruption, with repeated falls from grace. This isn't a feeder club, where we lose our best players in a desperate bid to stay solvent.

This. Is. Real-effing Madrid.

One of the most illustrious, historic clubs on the planet. One of the winning-est clubs ever - consistently vying or competing or winning the biggest trophies available. One with the best talent available, anywhere. One with play so beautiful at times that you throw your hand over your mouth in disbelief. One able to keep your heart racing at an unhealthy pace, stomach in your throat, fist-clenching anxiety up until the 92:48 mark of extra time unleashing a floodgate of tears and unbridled joy. One that is so consistently on the pinnacle of everything, it's almost surreal.

How the hell can we not be content with that?

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