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El Clásico By The Numbers - 2016

Interesting facts about the Real Madrid-Barcelona rivalry.

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We’re only 3 days away from the 265th edition of El Clásico.

As a Real Madrid fan, I’ll have butterflies like most for the remainder of the week. Then comes Friday, where my anxiety kicks in and I’ll be a ball of nerves until kick-off Saturday morning. To get us started on the journey towards the match - here are some interesting nuggets for you to: wow your friends, kick butt at trivia night, or, if you’re like me, keep it with all that other semi-useless knowledge that I pack around for no other reason than times like this.

$2.4 Million

In 2000 Florentino Perez was just a presidential candidate hoping to be elected and take over Los Blancos. $2.4 million was the money he offered to then-vice captain of Barcelona: Luis Figo. This was an agreement that ‘if’ Perez were named president that Figo would then sign on the dotted line for the Royal Whites. If he (Figo) went back on the deal he would have to pay $30 million in compensation. He denied everything even though his agent said otherwise.

On July 9th, Figo’s agent went on record with the Spanish newspaper Sport.

"I want to send a message of calm to Barcelona's fans, for whom I always have and always will feel great affection. I want to assure them that Luís Figo will, with absolute certainty, be at the Camp Nou on the 24th to start the new season... I’ve not signed a pre-contract with a presidential candidate at Real Madrid. No. I'm not so mad as to do a thing like that."

- Sid Lowe, “Fear and Loathing In La Liga” p. 345-346

On July 24th, Florentino Perez presented Luis Figo to the press. Alfredo Di Stéfano was on hand and would hand him his new shirt. On his return to Barcelona he was treated to signs reading "Judas", "Scum," and "Mercenary" plastered around the stadium. Figo had things thrown at him including thousands of fake 10,000 peseta notes with his image on them, oranges, bottles, a couple of cell phones, and one solitary pig head.


The number of players that played for Barcelona before seeing the light and making the switch to the all whites. Some of those names include, the aforementioned Luis Figo, Ronaldo (though he come from Inter Milan first), Nando and more.


The total of La Liga Clásico’s played. The record stands at 72 wins for Real Madrid, 68 for Barca. Real Madrid has the edge in away wins with 20 to FCB’s 19. There have been 32 draws. Across all competitions Real Madrid and Barcelona faced each other a total of 231 times.


That’s the common score line of an El Clásico, with the average of just over three goals scored.


That is the current point-lead Real Madrid have over Barcelona. A win at the Camp Nou would put such a big gap between the two, that Real Madrid would put FCB in the rearview mirror.


The combined total of Clásico appearances made by Luis Enrique for Real (1991-96) and Barca (1996-2004).

Bit’s And Pieces

- Real Madrid are undefeated in their last 25 matches.

- Barcelona is on a home tear, winning 29 in their last 32.

- Zizou has scored a total of 3 El Clásico goals. His opposite number Luis Enrique, on the other hand has 5.

- $527.60 is what you’re going to need (minimum) if you want to attend El Clásico on Saturday. This according to Viagogo.

- $893.47 is currently the most expensive ticket price, that’s for a VIP package.

- Real Madrid have scored 390 goals in various El Clásicos across all competitions.

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