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James Rodríguez's contract leaked

Football Leaks attacks Real Madrid again.

Football Leaks are still unveiling contracts recently signed in the world of football. After publishing Kroos and Bale's deals with Real Madrid and what was going to be De Gea's new contract with Real, they released James Rodríguez's deal, signed in the summer of 2014.

As you can see, James' salary is included. The Colombian midfielder earned €7 million during his first season with Real Madrid but saw his salary raise to €7.7 million the season after. It will stay that way until the summer of 2019, date when his contract will expire.

There are no other clauses involved, unlike what happened with Kroos. Football Leaks proved that Real Madrid accepted to play two friendly matches with Bayern -- one still to play -- to complete the deal. In some other cases, Madrid decide to pay a bonus if the player ever wins a Ballon D'Or, but this wasn't part of the deal with James.


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