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Reasons why Real Madrid should bring back Mourinho

The portuguese's return could be a blessing in disguise.

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In these times I must say, it truly hurts to see this club go through this mediocre spell. Are we spoiled? Absolutely. Do we have to get up in arms about every single tie or loss? Yes. But it's that level of insistence, and refusal to be ordinary that makes us great.

When it comes to refusing to be ordinary, no matter what any one says about this man, no one understood that better than Jose Mourinho. As I try to convey this idea to other fellow Madridistas, before you say anything, just think. Think of these last few seasons we have had since Mourinho has gone and think of the last time you truly felt this team was under any SERIOUS discipline or organization. And more importantly, think of the last time this team won a league title. When was the last time this club truly had an identity and an idea of how to play this game?

If there's any chance of bringing this man back to the Bernabeu, we should be jumping at the chance.


The first word that comes to mind when I think of Mourinho's Madrid - Discipline. During his three years at Real, I truly cannot remember a more professional, well-balanced squad as the 2011-12 squad that won La Liga. This was a team of pure TEAM players, even Cristiano Ronaldo. This was a team that played one of the most exciting counter-attacking styles I've ever been a witness of. Why discipline? Simple, we haven't had any for the past three seasons, and contrary to popular belief, getting along with your coach and joking around with him in training doesn't win you trophies. That these players refused to be professional under Benitez, but turned completely around when Zidane came in just shows a shocking level of undeserved power over the way this team functions.


There are certain values that are ingrained in this club that have lost their way throughout these last couple of years - sacrifice is absolutely one of those. Everyone was very excited when the players started running again after Zidane's first game. They thought something good was going come after the last couple of dreadful months under Benitez, but instead, it feels more like a movie. All the players talk about the unity of the team and the importance of Zidane, but if that unity is not showing on the field to win games and win trophies, then whether you high-five in training or not is irrelevant.


How do you beat a team that's dominating world football through possession play? How do you beat this team and bring back titles to the Spanish capital? If you have the best/fastest winger in the world at the time, why wouldn't you play a fast counter attacking style? When was the last time you saw this team play and thought "Okay I understand the idea of play"? During these last couple of seasons Real Madrid has not had a true identity as to what their style of play is. A simple reason why having an identity of play is important is because this has a huge impact on the players you choose to bring to this team and whether or not they fit into that philosophy. If you noticed, Mourinho only brought players he thought were necessary, and Florentino respected this which is why there were so very few "stellar" signings during Mourinho's reign.


There are certain players who Mourinho brought that weren't the biggest successes to say the least. Players like Altintop or Sahin perhaps, but most of his transfers were for the pure balance of the squad. Players like Di Maria who brought so much speed and dynamic play to the team. Luka Modric, who has become our best midfield player for the past three seasons even though the Spanish media labeled him "the worst signing of the transfer window". Mesut Ozil, who's delicate play fit hand in glove with the attacking trio of CR and Benzema. All of these signings were done for sporting reasons and sporting reasons only.


The lack of continuity for any manager these last couple of seasons has only hurt this club. Ancelotti was absolutely 100% wrongly sacked and not because he was fantastic as a manager but simply because there was no one better than him on the market. His last season was well worthy of the chance for him to have another go the next season. Let's be truthful for one second, Ancelotti was loved by the players and the fans, but there were many times where the team absolutely crumbled because of lack of organization and discipline. Unfortunately, I believe this is the same thing that is happening under Zinedine Zidane. The players are having fun and laughing with Zizou and everything is nice when you beat Espanyol at home, but they absolutely crumble under any sort of pressure. There is an absolute disastrous mess in our defense due to the simple fact that these players are just going out every game and playing without any sort of managerial strategy, and by this I don't mean screaming "pressure, pressure" from the sideline.

Understand that this is post is not intended as a Zidane critique, but rather pure observations based on past results. Mourinho deserves another chance with this squad, Real has arguably the best squad in world football when looking at each position and the player for that position.

If bringing back Mourinho means getting rid of certain players who hold their club ransom all summer to renew their contract after having one of the worst seasons of his career, or who speak publicly about their manager in a pure disrespectful tone and believe they are bigger than the club just because they wear the armband, then please show him the door. The most important rule for a captain is understanding that no number on the back is bigger than the crest on the front. At the end of the day all Madridistas want to see this team win everything, and if there's someone who can bring this club back to the top, that man is Jose Mourinho.

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