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Message to Perez: "No more galactico signings"

Why Real Madrid no longer needs Galactico Signings

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Most Real Madrid fans and supporters globally are aware of how Florentino Perez's Galactico policy functions. Here is the crash course: First, a player performs well, begins to get linked with the elite clubs. Second, and probably most importantly, comes the player's marketability.  Even though Madrid's trophy cabinet isn't being filled year after year, the cash influx from Real Madrid merchandise, sponsorship, etc. allow the Spanish giants to flex their financial muscle in the transfer market. Lastly, the player who is linked is typically interested in the prospect of moving to Spain, reveals their admiration for the Royal Whites. Florentino whips out the checkbook like it's nobody's business.

As a business model, it's nearly impeccable. The big names add more fans to Madrid's already enormous fanbase and allows the club's global brand to reach untapped markets. There is no doubt that Perez is responsible for assembling one of the most talented squads Madrid has had in years. As a football model or philosophy however, there's nothing to show.

Interestingly enough, Madrid's identity as a big club is based on their history with the Champions League, domestic success, and Galactico signings; not for a particular playing style or ideology. Because Perez is acting as the director of the club, the purchases he makes pose selection headaches for the managers in charge. They, managers who have gone through coaching education, are not fully equipped to create a team they want, and are forced to modify their ideas because of Uncle Flo. I touched on this with an article I wrote back in January (

With the Euros over the horizon, there will be a player who takes the opportunity to showcase their talent. Now before any enormous price tags are paid, at this point, I would like to a stand as a writer but more so as a fan. NO MORE GALACTICOS. NO MORE MAJOR SIGNINGS UNTIL WE BUILD A FOUNDATION AND WORK OUR WAY UP. A house cannot stand divided, nor without a foundation.

Everything Zidane has been saying as of late sounds like a person who understands the culture and environment at Real Madrid, both on and off the pitch. Perez, though tries to maintain a relationship with the players, comes across as someone who is stubborn and unaware of the manager's real needs. It is reported that when Mourinho wanted another striker, Perez told him to work with what you have. How can a manager succeed if he's being told how to manage? Much less, being directed from a person who doesn't understand football.

I do not want to sound like someone who does not appreciate Real's stars, because I do. But the Galactico policy happened once, and had mixed success. We are still in the new Galactico era, and again have had ups and downs. But the fact of the matter is that it's insane to think we will get something out of a model that is clearly not working, not bringing continuity, and most importantly, not delivering expected results.

There is not a crisis at Madrid. We do not need to revamp the entire squad. We do not need Aguero, Coutinho, Pogba, Hazard, Aumbayang, Vardy, Dybala, Lewandowksi... Should I go on? The squad overall is relatively young, and we also have promising players brewing in the youth academy. All we need is a natural left-back who can take on Marcelo's important role while he's out, and a back up, natural center forward who can play while Benzema is out. Not a big name player that will force the manager's hand. Arguably, we do not even need a long term replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo. Here's why.

Adopting a 4-1-2-1-2 or 4-1-3-2 for you tactical experts is not the end of the world. Imagine a side fielded with Navas, Marcelo, Varane, Ramos, and Carvajal in the backline. Next, imagine a more balanced mid-field with Casemiro at CDM. All I am doing is inserting an anchor to the current side. Casemiro's inclusion guarantees a wall in front of the back four, along with defensive support for Madrid's creative mid-field of Kroos, Modric, and Isco, and Casemiro's ability for long-ball distribution. Then, a frontline of Benzema and Bale (when fit). Benzema and Bale have shown this season that they can bang the goals in if CR7 doesn't have his finishing boots on.

Again, I would like to point out my appreciation for Perez's buisness sense and accomplishments in signing great players. But I stand firm that Real does not need a re-invention, but stability. Let's show support for Zidane and the team despite the squad being sub-par, and seemingly out of the league title race. Let's show patience for a team coming to grips with new ideas from a new man in charge. Let's give the youth academy a chance to grow at the Santiago Bernabeu. The moral of this message is: No more Galacticos until we find who we are. Why get an outside hire if the employees in-house can get the job done?

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