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Rafa Benítez answers critics of Real Madrid's bad physical condition

The Spanish manager wanted to congratulate his physical trainer.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Rafa Benítez released a statement congratulating Paco de Miguel, who was in charge of physical training while Benítez's coaching staff was with Real Madrid. This is relevant considering that several reports have suggested that Los Blancos were not in shape while Benítez was the coach. Here's the statement.

A few days ago, Paco de Miguel presented his thesis in the INEF of Madrid, 'Evolution of parameters of physical condition over time in a professional team' and as expected given their knowledge and many years of practical experience as primarily responsible for the physical preparation in high-level teams, he received the highest rating.

The thesis is a study of descriptive cases, non-experimental, analyzing how the body composition evolve, speed, strength and endurance in professional footballers and the results are useful to help the understanding and improvement of the methodology and strategy for training.
Paco is a Doctor of Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport (INEF of Madrid) and Professor of the Master of Physical Training in Football.

His experience and management of workloads, their training sessions with the ball, also to improve the maximum aerobic capacity, strength and complementary exercises that enabled us to end the season in the best physical condition. So no wonder that it has been recognized with the maximum capacity rating.

Congratulations Paco

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