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Real Madrid must reinvest in Alvaro Morata

After two years in Turin, Alvaro Morata's future resides in the Spanish capital

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Real Madrid is by no means in a crisis when it comes to attacking options, but as the summer nears, pundits will profusely speculate as to who Florentino Perez could add to his ranks. While Karim Benzema is bagging goals left-and-right consistently, it's difficult to imagine any striker taking his lone No. 9 role - though it's never too early to brainstorm about the future.

With that said, there's one man that should lead the line for Real Madrid when Benzema bows out: Alvaro Morata.

The Spaniard left the Spanish capital and moved to Turin in 2014 for a fee that's now been confirmed as €20 million. Since, he's displayed potential and been coveted by many of Europe's most renowned clubs. Real Madrid though, still hold the keys to Morata's future.

Rumors swirled regarding Real Madrid's buy-back clause at the time of his sale, but since, details regarding the contract emerged - revealing Los Blancos' true authority over their academy product. Should Real Madrid decide to activate the buy-back clause, they're forced to pay Juventus €30 million. In the unlikely case that Juventus opts to sell Morata to another club, they would have to compensate Real Madrid €80 million.

Whoever hashed out this deal for Real Madrid deserves a pat on the back. This advantageous situation however, only lasts until July 2017. The clock is ticking and Los Blancos must make a decision regarding Morata sooner rather than later.

This summer, Perez could purchase the Spanish international and then offload him to one of the many lurking Premier League clubs. Although, that doesn't necessarily fulfill any of Madrid's needs.

It's inevitable that the Spanish giants will splurge in the transfer market eventually, and with Benzema nearing his 30th birthday, perhaps destiny isn't too far away.

But, if Real Madrid hold onto Morata and allow him a year to prove himself, they'd potentially answer the question as to who would lead the line into the next decade.

A net spend of €10 million for a man who ran rampant for Castilla and has Champions League experience seems too good to pass up. Especially when the other option is Robert Lewandowski, who'd draw upwards of €100 million according to reports. Bringing back Morata wouldn't disrupt Real Madrid's locker room either. In Turin, Morata is accustomed to operating off the bench and he's lured Vincente Del Bosque's attention, as the 23-year old striker has been included in seven of the last nine La Roja squads he's been available for.

Real Madrid included the buy-back clause in his contract for a reason. Should Perez scoff at the opportunity to bring back Morata, he'd simply exhibit just another case of irrational-thinking. The Spanish front-man already demolished Real Madrid's Champions League hopes once while with the Bianoconeri; surely Real Madrid would rather have him on their side next time.

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