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RM Castilla Score Late To Beat Barakaldo 1-0

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Mariano helps Castilla earn 3 points and close the gap at the top of the Segunda B II Table.

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

The last time these two teams met, it was a goalless draw in Madrid. This time Madrid would have to go on the road looking to take points from league-leaders Barakaldo whom Castilla trailed by six points. It wouldn't help that Los Blancos would be without the services of one of the team's leading scorers in Borja Mayoral, who was with the senior squad as they beat Eibar.

While the weather was a factor (semi-melted snow surrounding the pitch), it wasn't a major player like last weekend's rain-soaked pitch that caused all sorts of problems.

Without one of their top strikers coach Ramis went with this starting XI:

One thing that was evident was that Barakaldo were bigger and older than Castilla. They would try and use this to their advantage by throwing their size around most of the match. While tempers would flair at times throughout, Castilla wasn't about to be bullied off the pitch. The more time they spent with the ball, the more momentum they would pick up.

Mark Llorente, Febas, and Javi Muñoz were the kings of the midfield linking up with touch-pass after touch-pass. In the 40th minute, Javi Muñoz had a clear shot on goal, only to be thwarted by the Barakaldo goaltender. This match would be end-to-end, box-to-box. The half-time score was 0-0.

The re-start would go the same as the first half - a hotly contested affair that was filled with end-to-end battles. Lazo would come on in the 74th minute replacing Ødegaard. RM Castilla owned possession, it was a lot like watching a big game of keep away. Each pass had a purpose, trying to find a weakness in the Barakaldo defense.

It would be in the 82nd minute when Mariano found that weakness and made them pay for it with the first goal of the game. They'd get another chance in the 84th minute as they were awarded a penalty for Mariano being brought down in the box. Unfortunately Castilla could not capitalize as the shot was saved.

Mariano's Goal:

The score would remain 1-0, with Castilla picking up the three points and moving within three of Barakaldo who sit at the top of the table.

Real Madrid Castilla will now face bottom table teams including a couple in the relegation zone. On the other hand, Barakaldo has to face the third, fifth, sixth, seventh, and ninth placed teams. I don't see them NOT dropping points as the season gets closer to an end. We know we're getting promoted, so now let's root them on as they chase the top of the table. How nice would it would be to not only get promoted, but win the league as well?

Also seeing playing time would be Enzo and Alvaro.

Match Day 34: Sunday April 17th
Time: 21:00
Opponents: @ SD Gernika

And here are the guy's doing their best First Team impression, courtesy of Javi Muñoz.