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3 Reasons why Real Madrid Will Beat Wolfsburg

Lets take a minute of thanks for Barcelona losing two in a row to teams with "Real" in their name. It makes me want to go and get a unicorn tattoo. Wait, what?

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Tomorrow it's all about VfL Wolfsburg - who shocked pundits and Madridistas alike with a 2-0 win over the Spanish giants (note to self: don't underestimate Wolfsburg again. Like ever). Real Madrid must advance - it might be the only silverware for Los Blancos this season. Hey, an 11th trophy would look pretty sweet in the trophy case at the Bernabéu.

I have been tasked with giving you three reasons why we'll beat Wolfsburg and continue on the road to more European glory.

1. The BBC

In re-watching this game Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo had more than a fair share of opportunities to put this thing to bed. Unfortunately, the football gods were not shining on Real Madrid's side. They can't miss any more chances -  BBC must find the back of the net early and often. I believe that the BBC have what it takes to surgically slice apart the Wolfsburg defense.

2. The Back Four (Five)

With Carvajal almost sure to start and the idea that Varane might be ready to play Real have better chances. With those two or at least one of them, the defensive line is much stronger. Casemiro sitting just in front of the back four also gives Kroos and Modric a chance to go forward knowing he's got their back.

Casemiro doesn't play 'pretty' football. Not his job. Win balls, make passes (he's completed 90% of passes in the Champions League). The guy is never going to be Xabi. And I think some tend to have those expectations. Los Blancos first choice defense paired with Casemiro sitting right there in front. Shut down Draxler and make it a nightmare for their attackers to get anything done in the final third.

3. Keylor Navas

He has been a rock.

Two goals conceded handcuffed by a  dodgy back line that did him no favors. He'll have to stay frosty as Wolfsburg have a sharp counterattack. Navas will be called on to make a couple key stops, but with a more solid back line, he shouldn't have to do all the work. We owned possession by a large margin in leg one, which is something that we have to do this time as well. It wasn't for lack of trying though, they had so many chances. That's why Navas needs to be sharp - don't get complacent with the ball staying in the other end for the most part.


The Santiago Bernabéu

VfL Wolfsburg will be coming into a lions' den that is the Santiago Bernabéu. To the opposing player this stadium is a soul crusher. This is one of the most storied stadiums in football - that's a fact. Real Madrid will feed off the energy tomorrow night at the Bernabéu and use let it loose on Wolfsburg, they won't know what hit them.

Lets face it, no one likes to come into our house.

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