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Managing Madrid Podcast: Real Madrid - Wolfsburg 2nd Leg Preview

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Kiyan and Mike look ahead to the biggest game of the season

On this week's Managing Madrid Podcast, I was joined by Mike Platania (the eternal optimist) to preview tomorrow's pressure-popping match against Wolfsburg where Real Madrid need to win by at least three goals in order to advance to the Champions League semi-finals.

*Disclaimer: For reasons unknown, although the audio was fine during recording, during editing we realized Mike's voice was super-echoey. This may not sound great, and not ideal, and we apologize about this. We hope you can still enjoy the content of the podcast. 

Edit, 9:36 PM EST (Gabe): We understand there are some issues with the audio for this episode. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to find a solution. We figured it would be better to release this episode of the show despite the audio problems--some podcast is better than no podcast. We are always working to improve the show and appreciate your continued engagement. Yay! (PS: yeah I'm not even on this episode...had a minor emergency today. Will be back soon, maybe even for the mailbag show).

I wrote the above without noticing Kiyan's disclosure. I'm going to leave it there, but know that this is how fried my brain is right now. Peace out fam.