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Chelsea's Eden Hazard Flat Out Denies Move To Real Madrid

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Eden Hazard isn't headed to the Bernabéu and it's probably better that way..

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Last season's Premier League player of the year, isn't having such a great time this season. Eden Hazard has struggled to stay fit and find the back of the net. Over the weekend on Spanish TV program "Chiringuito de Jugones", it was reported by Eduardo Inda that Real Madrid and Chelsea had come to a agreement for the Belgium international. The price was a cut rate deal of around £32 million for Hazard.

£32 million should be your first clue.

Even in his bad form, he's worth more than that. It's no secret that Zidane is in love with the Belgian but that doesn't mean he's headed to the Bernabéu. Hazard isn't one for the media and tries to avoid interviews if he can, so for him to come out and say publicly he's staying means a lot.

What he really wants to do is get back to full fitness and play for the Blues. He hasn't featured for Chelsea since last month's loss to PSG in the Champions League. He was also skipped over for a Belgium friendly ahead of the 2016 Euros.

"I don't know who's saying that, but it's not true," Hazard told Belgium's Antenne Centre TV when asked about the report. "At the moment, I'm at Chelsea. First, I have to finish the season and I still have a contract for four years. I'm there, and I'm currently feeling good over there. I want to be on the pitch as soon as possible. With Chelsea."

So there you go from the horse's mouth.