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FFF President: Benzema has "done something really stupid"

Bezima is going to miss the Euros

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Even though legal restrictions barring Karim Benzema have been lifted, the French Football Federation (FFF) decided not to call up the French striker for the Euros. Why? Well, according to FFF President Noel Le Graet, it was to promote "team harmony". That's French Football code for, we already have enough drama - don't need anymore thanks.

"We felt there was a strong harmony. On the pitch, we felt they were conducting themselves so well that it wasn't worth taking the risk of disrupting that spirit."

I totally get where the FFF are coming from on this. You don't need that kind of drama in the club house. I mean, he's allegedly tried to blackmail a teammate. Who knows what the locker room would be like if Benzema were to have been called up for the Euros. Though Le Graet said that Benzema was not happy about the decision.

"After speaking to Karim, Didier told me he was very, very, very sad," Le Graet said.

Now I've never been able to play for my country, but I would suspect even with the looming legal stuff that it would be a hard pill to swallow - being told you can't play for your country because what it might do to the locker room. Now the other side of the coin is - for purely selfish reasons - he wont go off and get some injury that could be detrimental to Real Madrid going forward.

The interview wrapped up with the topic of the blackmail case - it's still on-going and is something that Benzema has denied over and over.

"I hope first of all that this affair results in a dismissal of the charges for Karim. "Let me repeat, I've a lot of affection for him. But here, all the same, he's done something really stupid."

And there you have it, the president of the FFF thinks our boy is stupid. And I'd tend to agree with the statement, not to mention all the other rumors floating around about all of Benzema's wrong doings. He has denied each and every one of them. Me personally? I've always been of the mind that, I care what they do on the pitch and not off. Now, if that off-pitch drama effects his performance on the pitch then I have problem.

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