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Managing Madrid Podcast After Dark (Featuring Allen Dodson of VillarrealUSA)

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While Kiyan Sobhani is away Gabe Lezra,Mike Platania, Josh Zeitlin and Allen Dodson have a grand old time discussing la Liga, Real Madrid, Villarreal and everything in between.

Kiyan Sobhani is out this week so I (Gabe Lezra) am joined by Mike Platania, Josh Zeitlin and VillarrealUSA's Allen Dodson after a very exciting week.

And we do promise that if you make it through the first 10 minutes you'll get to the actual show. And if you like me and Mike bantering well, enjoy this first ten minutes where Josh pops up out of nowehere and I basically ramble about Zidane and Madrid's formation heading into Getafe (and the fact that I still have work to do). We do get down to business and have a great conversation about Madrid's match against Getafe, Barcelona's choke-fest and we preview Madrid's upcoming match against Villarreal with Allen.