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BREAKING: Cristiano Ronaldo leaves match against Villarreal with injury

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The Portuguese left the field without telling anyone.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Something weird just happened at the Santiago Bernabéu. Up 3-0, Cristiano Ronaldo left the field of play with visible discomfort and pain with 3 minutes still to be played.

Real Madrid ran out of substitutions and the Portuguese did not wait for the ball to go out of bounds or the referee to stop the game. The Portuguese did not tell Zidane what was wrong and he just went inside the dressing room.

More news about Ronaldo's apparent injury will surely be reported soon, but it's hard to see the Portuguese missing next Tuesday's clash against Manchester City unless he totally has to stay out of the field.

Ronaldo had tried a bicycle kick moments earlier in the game and it seems that the injury happened then, if the images from Canal+ Partidazo are accurate enough.

Zidane will address the press after the game and will share some words on Ronaldo's condition.