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Sergio Ramos Interview Reveals That He Enjoys Barca's Mini-Tailspin

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Seriously, who doesn't?

Alex Caparros/Getty Images

In a recent interview Skipper Sergio Ramos was asked about the mini-tailspin that their fierce rivals FC Barcelona went though, which he believes started when Los Blancos beat Barca with a 2-1 El Clásico win. If you need a refresher, Barca went from 12 points up to, tied with Athletico Madrid and with the Royal Whites only a point behind.

"Of course I enjoy things going badly at Barcelona. I like it because it benefits us," Ramos told COPE. "I do not wish bad things on anyone, though. I enjoy their struggles for sporting reasons. Everything that is bad for Barcelona is good for Real Madrid. "Beating them at Camp Nou was a big blow for them."

"A Clásico is always about more than just three points. It is the game of the season. It was tough for them mentally. "They could have decided La Liga, but we reduced the gap instead. Of course, that leads to doubts. "The league was theirs to lose. They have everything in their own hands, so you can say they lost the title if they don’t win it."

He couldn't escape the question about the ongoing war of words between Gerard Piqué and Álvaro Arbeloa that's getting attention all over social media.

"You cannot avoid these kinds of debates. But an experienced player like Pique should avoid these sorts of childish things," he added. "I think a little humour never hurts but there is a time and place for such actions and always, of course, without disrespecting either party."

And Pique is shown no quarter. Not that I'd ever think that for one minute Ramos would ever come to the defense of Donald J. Pique.