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3 reasons why Isco should start the return leg against Manchester City

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Real need creativity and possession.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Real Madrid couldn't get much going in the first leg against Manchester City, partly because the midfielders didn't have anyone to pass the ball to when Fernando and Fernandinho were pressing them. Casemiro is a poor midfielder when it comes to distributing the ball while Modric and Kroos offer the same kind of game. Real Madrid will need Isco to improve their performance and get the result they want. Why?

  1. Madrid need someone who can dribble in the midfield. Yes, Modric can be that player sometimes, but otherwise Los Blancos are way too predictable against Fernando and Fernandinho. Isco is capable of breaking that pressing and turn City's midfielders to defend their own goal.
  2. Zidane's men must keep the ball. Real Madrid will be expected to attack at the Bernabéu and sometimes the best way to defend is to make City's attackers worry about your own full-backs and prevent those attackers from having easy chances to counterattack.
  3. It's time for Zidane to bring back the 4-3-3 with Kroos, Isco and Modric. That midfield was brilliant last season and Casemiro could be needed fresh later in the game if Madrid build an advantage. Why not try to dominate the game through the ball and then introduce Casemiro when City are forced to attack?