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Former Real Madrid President Ramón Calderón Speaks To The Press About Florentino Pérez

Calderón attended a golf and paddle contest along with senior Real Madrid and Barcelona players. In reading some of these quotes I do believe this old chap had a few too many on the back nine.

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Former Real Madrid President Ramón Calderón addressed the press during the event and chimed in on what should happen if Real Madrid doesn't pick up a trophy this season. He touched on a variety of subjects. Sit back kids, this will be an entertaining read.

"If Mourinho doesn't sign for Manchester United, he will be Real Madrid's next coach. I am completely sure of that. If the team doesn't win anything, sadly, we'll be seeing Mourinho on the bench again. That's my feeling. He returns then we'll be back to the war games, fire-starting, uncomfortable press conference, FIFA, UEFA, UNICEF… That wasn't the best time for the club. Now, without him, there's a lot more peace. He provoked a series of conflicts which no one wants and it's far from ideal. The president has been trying to coax him back for the past year, he's tried on a number of occasions. Florentino is going nuts to see Mourinho back at the club. If things don't go well, Zidane won't continue".

Are you sure? I mean really sure? Maybe he needs another drink.

"The team is the set of players who put up with the club, no doubt about it. No one knows what'll happen at the end of the day or in the next game".

In other news, water is wet.  From what I gather this man does not like Florentino Pérez, and that under his leadership he has essentially 'kidnapped' Real Madrid.

"Real Madrid was once a democratic club, in which the club members could run for presidency, and that's why they are the owners. But for the last few years we have lived through the iron rule of a dictatorship and if you don't go by the name of Florentino Pérez Rodríguez, there is absolutely nothing you can do. In the past decade they have spent 1,000 million euros and won just one league. These are the statistics, not opinions. In Barcelona they'd love it if he stays".

Seriously this guy is like the drunk Uncle at family gatherings.

Then he turns his attention to talking about the transition from Rafa Benitez to Zinedine Zidane.

"I could tell the players were aware of a massive bombardment from the boardroom. They showed support for a coach who was sacked two weeks after being ratified and in his place they brought in a coach whose only experience was in the Second Division B. They have a goalkeeper (Keylor) who they wanted to sell, and who only stayed by pure chance and now they're dreaming that they finally get De Gea, after their keeper has saved them a lot of games and a lot of points. Then there was the whole Copa carry-on. In spite of all that, the team has shown great mental strength; the pedigree and intelligence within the side is not in any doubt at all".

It seems he likes to talk about Zidane's lack of experience.

"He came from the Segunda División B, the Third Division in Spain. I hope he's successful, it's clear he has the respect and admiration of the players and he knows what a dressing room full of stars is all about. But he's a Segunda B coach".

Alright then.... Sour grapes?

Not for even a hot minute do I believe that Mourinho would come back to Real Madrid. I think they'll give Zizou more power to shape the club.

(source: AS)

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