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MM Podcast: Mailbag With Kiyan And Om

Kiyan and Om answer questions from readers

On this week's mailbag, I was joined by staff writer Om Arvind who helped me answer your questions. Before you get into it, here are a couple notes for you:

  1. I'm sure you all were expecting this mailbag to be in written form as last week's was a podcast, but I'm stretched for time today meeting some deadlines, and couldn't flesh out the 2k(ish) words I like to iron out for typical mailbags. Next week I'll have more time to go through it in article form.
  2. Everything sounded just fine during recording, so it's a bit of a bummer that there were a few audio blips in this pod that only manifested themselves during playback. We're sorry about this, and we'll work on fixing these audio issues in the next few days. We hope you'll still enjoy!

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