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Managing Madrid Podcast: Previewing Real Madrid's Tactics in the 2016 Champions League Final

Gabe Lezra, Om Arvind and Mike Platania sit down across the world to talk tactics, tactics and more tactics. Casemiro or Isco? Dynamic runs from the fullbacks or conservative defensive posture? It's all here!

Real Madrid are in the UEFA Champions League final against bitter cross-town rivals Atletico Madrid. Erstwhile podcast host and general curmudgeon Gabe Lezra is joined by tactics guru Om Arvind and serial optimist Mike Platania to take a deep dive into Real Madrid's tactics heading into the biggest game of the season. The guys take an in-depth look at Real Madrid's strengths in the midfield and begin to design a dynamic plan to attack Atletico, relying specifically on Bayern Munich's lead in their recent match.

Then they take a dive down the rabbit hole and begin to respond to some of the critiques of Om's most recent article for Managing Madrid--should Isco really start over Casemiro? Can Atletico be beaten by strong attacks from wing backs? How can Madrid defend against Atleti's potent and dynamic attack?

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