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Cristiano Ronaldo can make any shoe look fantastic

Cristiano Ronaldo is many things. One of the best footballers in the world. A spokesman for many brands. A model. At heart he's really just an overall entrepreneur, using his talents to make cool products for the world. He obviously has many football-related products such as cleats, equipment, and other various things.

Now he's trying to broaden his own horizons on the apparel front. With summer coming up, Ronaldo is showing off his brand new line of loafers for sale on his website

If anyone can make a pair of random summer loafers look cool it's Cristiano Ronaldo. Even looking like Don Johnson in Miami Vice he can pull off this look better than anyone.

He could put on a plastic bag for a shirt and put his name on it and it would look amazing. As a matter of fact, he's putting too much effort into making quality shoes. He should go around to all the dollar stores and buy up all the $1 beach sandals, slap his name on them and sell them for $30. Straight profit.

I'm available to be your business manager, Cristiano. Hit me up.

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