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Ramos Is Hungry, Marcelo Talks About Small Details, And Ronaldo Is Fine

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Sergio Ramos, the hero of La Decima run - the man who scored two massive goals in Munich to go along with his two massive cojones in the semi-finals before saving Real Madrid in the dying moments of the 2014 Champions League Final, says the team doesn't need to change their approach tomorrow from what they did two seasons ago.

"After that experience [in Lisbon] I don't think we need to change anything at all," he said. "I'm very motivated and anxious to start the game and we'll see what happens.

"I don't know if things are written or not but what happened, happened. I have wonderful memories and if I could make a film I would make it exactly as it happened.

"But I'm facing this one as if I've never been in one before. I'm just as hungry as before and just as willing to win.

"It would be silly of me to tell you what we've been working on! We know what Zizou is asking of us and now we have to do it. We need to suffer as a team, as we have done these past few months and we trust things will work out well for us."

Will Atletico feel more pressure?

"I don't think so," he said. "When you play a final like that one, they'll have a bad taste in their mouth when they recall that game, but you need to keep competing.

"I don't know if they're feeling this but the pressure exists when there's a final, whether you've won the previous one or not. You need to manage it as best you can. It's not that we want it less, we want to win again and continue adding trophies to our club.

"It's cost them a lot to reach the final and we've also suffered a lot. But we're one step from being at the very top.

"If you have one lack of concentration in the game you can lose it, but that's in general not just against Atletico. Everyone needs their full sense because you can lose the game.

"I don't think it will be a failure not to win the title, but it would be a lost opportunity because it's tough to reach the Champions League final. We've worked hard together and would really like that reward to win the trophy."

Of note, Ramos and the crew took pictures with what is surely the most random person to take pictures with in a Champions League Final, Richard Gere.

For left back Marcelo, this will be his first start in a Champions League final. It will be a big moment for him, as many feel his flair and unpredictability hold the key to breaking down Atletico's stubborn defense. Marcelo says it's the 'small details' that will make the difference.

"We're feeling as good as we could," he said. "We're ready, prepared and I think we'll fair quite well.

"I think in a final what decides the game is the small details and we're thinking of all those. Everyone wants to win, you need to work and run a lot and I think the small details are what's going to make a difference."

"It's impossible not to think of that game. It was very special," the 28-year-old added. "I personally believe that it's in the past, it's over now and it's another final. [On Saturday] we have a chance to live a great day for us, but in order to do that we need to fight because it's the Champions League final and it's always very difficult to win."

Also, nothing new here, but, Ronaldo looks just fine.

And just for fun, we're bringing out the underwear picture for good luck.

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