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The most interesting fans at the Champions League final

The Champions League final kicks off in under an hour. Fans are filing into the San Siro in Milan getting ready for the biggest club match in football. There are always some some interesting characters at big sporting events. Here are a few we came across.

This guy is a huge Gareth Bale fan apparently. That doesn't explain why he has a haircut of "The Scream" in the back of his head.

Did Leo Messi sneak into the Champions League final and secretly support Real Madrid? Probably not, but this is amazing.

This is in fact Ronaldinho showing up at the San Siro in a really expensive sports car.

The guy on the right is going all-in on this one.

If this couple can make it through this, they can make it through anything.

Real Madrid legends!

Chilling at the Real Madrid fanzone!

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