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Morata speaks about his potential return to Real Madrid and then move to Arsenal

The striker says he'll play where he gets the chance to be relevant.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Real Madrid appear to be ready to buy Juventus' Álvaro Morata back in order to sell him for more money. The €30 million clause on Morata's contract would allow Madrid to get around €20 million of net benefit if they sill him to other big teams interested in his talents like Arsenal. Morata discussed his options for the future and said that he wants to succeed with Real Madrid but he also wants to play.

"It's obvious that I would love to succeed with Real Madrid, but they have very big players and I want to play and feel like a relevant player, next year I will play where I feel that way," said Morata. "The Premier League could be an interesting destination for me and not only because the money, but also because the way they play the game," he explained.

"I hope that everything gets solved before June 13th, when we play our first game with Spain, as it's quite uncomfortable to be in such a big tournament waiting for phone calls and that kind of stuff," he added.

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