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Danilo to have surgery after Champions League final

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Danilo has postponed serious medical intervention on his ankle for the sake of his team.

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images

According to Marca, Danilo will undergo ankle surgery after Real Madrid's final in Milan. The Brazilian has been suffering from discomfort which dates all the way back to his February visit to Amsterdam, where he visited doctor Niek Van Dijk to get a second opinion. Quoting Marca:

"The verdict was to continue with careful treatment, specific exercises and not to undergo injury midseason.

However an intervention at some stage was inevitable.

Van Dijk will also be the one carrying out the operation which is set to take place in Madrid.

Danilo has been well aware of the limitation that his ankle problem has caused, but more than anything the player has been determined to help his team saying, "I'm a soldier of Real Madrid."'

While many have felt incredible ire towards the Brazilian due to his shaky form, it is impossible to doubt Danilo's commitment to the club and his will to succeed. Hopefully the knock he carries will not hinder his performance when facing Valencia later today.