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Player Ratings: RM 3 - 2 Valencia

All the player ratings you can handle, and then some!

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This really was a brutal game to watch, I want to be be happy for the win, but why am I not? This team is far more capable than the one that was on display. Yes, we won, and, yes, Atletico lost. But it was really hard to watch. I don't need to get deep into tactical discussions as Om did a fantastic job with the breakdown of just how Real Madrid could have let this match get out of hand and be on the wrong side of the result.

But we won. And in the end, even as ugly as it was - we picked up a W and collected 3 points.

Player Ratings

Kiko Casilla - 7.50
He's the difference maker in this one (besides Cristiano Ronaldo). Casilla came up big when called upon. While he let through two goals, he had to cope with a shambolic defense in front of him.

Marcello - 6.40
He was more like an extra winger (more than normal). At no time should the left back be higher up the pitch than Benzema, yet there he was. That can't be by design at all. No clearances - little defending. Ialmost think that the rating I've given him is generous. Though he did provide the assist to Ronaldo's first goal.

Sergio Ramos - 6.35
He was 3-for-3 in clearances and two of those were in or near the 6 yard box. I will say it was pretty classy to give Arbeloa that captains armband when he was subbed on. Other than that, a lacklustre day at the office for Ramos. Several times he failed his assignments allowing Valencia to get the upper hand in the defensive third.

Raphael Varane - 5.78
What a horrible day he had. I'm usually a Varane guy, but he did no favors today - including committing an error that directly led to Rodrigo's goal that put Valencia back in the match. Like the entire defense, he had some serious mental lapses that led to things like goals.

Danilo - 6.65 
His first half was nothing to write home about, though he did see a slight improvement in the second half, but not enough to really compensate for how the defense was playing. His problem is the same as Marcelo's really, spending more time trying to help in attack than say, in defense where he's supposed to be playing. At times it was like Real Madrid were playing with just two defenders that could have used the help.

Toni Kroos - 7.75
He should get bonus points for covering Casemiro's ass on more than one occasion. He completed 97% of his passes. I really like the one that almost led to a Ronaldo goal - it was sublime. To be honest I'm really starting to come around on Kroos. The match ran through Kroos it's simple as that.

Casemiro - 6.70 
Honestly he should have never finished the match. That horror tackle of his that only garnered him a yellow, should have been a red. Seriously dangerous challenge. He was a pedestrian 82% with his passing. He had a total of 8 passes in the attacking third only completing four of them.

James - 7.80
While his defense might not have been much, his attacking was another story. He picked up an assist for the 3rd goal of the match and was a cool 93% passing. He created several chances including the one that led to the Ronaldo goal and racked up 83% passing in the attacking third. Overall solid on the offensive side of the board.

Ronaldo - 8.90
Definitely the man of the match for me (besides Casilla). Two goals to add to his total (33) which puts him just four goals off the Pichichi race (FC Barcelona's Luis Suarez leads the race with 37 goals as it comes down to the wire). Overall another solid performance. He was subbed out for Arbeloa in the 79th minute.

Karim Benzema - 7.70
An overall solid performance from a man I feel like should have been rested, though had he been rested who knows if we would have come out on the right side of the result. He had four shots on goal - only two on target that were sadly blocked. I think it was a good call subbing him out in the 65th for Kovacic.

Lucas Vázquez - 7.79 
He had the tough job of filling in for Gareth Bale who was rested. He had a great day on the ball with 93% passing - 83% in the attacking third completing 10 out of 12 passes. He had some big boots to fill and think that he did an admirable job.


Jese - 5.75
He came on in the 76th minute and really didn't do anything outstanding..

Mateo Kovacic - 5.0
Came on in the 65th minute for Karim Benzema and really didn't impress, not to mention his passing was a boarder line horror show.

Álvaro Arbeloa 5.0
And I'm being generous here as his error led to a goal. It was nice of Zidane to sub him on as his last home match - but tactically speaking the game was still contested and maybe it wasn't such a hot idea to sub him in. Though again it was pretty classy for them to also put the arm band on him. I know there aren't a lot of Arbeloa fans around here but it was good to seem him get one last game at home. Other than that he was pretty lacklustre.

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